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March 2, 2000

SeaWorld Opens New Sea Lion Show "Fools With Tools"

San Diego, CA -- SeaWorld invites you to its newest fun-filled show, "Fools with Tools," now showing in SeaWorld's Sea Lion and Otter Stadium.

"Those zany sea lions, Clyde and Seamore, have finally escaped the Island of Surlaw and are now hosts of their very own home-repair television show," says Ernie Scott, production supervisor and show producer. "The Sea Lion and Otter stadium has been transformed into a television studio, Cable Channel 99, where guests are invited to watch and be part of the live action."

"Fools with Tools" is a hilarious show featuring California sea lions Clyde and Seamore and their human buddy, Ace. The audience will see Clyde, Seamore and Ace perform basic home repairs including how to fix a doorknob, hang wallpaper, fix plumbing and electrical work.

Unfortunately, all of Clyde and Seamore's plans are foiled by the mischief-making otters who roam the set. From clogging the toilet to turning on the electricity at inappropriate times, the little critters really stir up the show.

Before the show starts, Biff, the human stage manager, warms up the audience with comedic routines. Biff then enlists the audience to help him countdown to airtime.

The show will "air" two to seven-times daily depending on the season and number of SeaWorld guests in the park.