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June 22, 1999

DisneyQuest Chooses SGI to Power Interactive Attractions

Mountain View, CA -- SGI today announced that its Silicon img Onyx2 InfiniteReality and Silicon img O2 visual workstations are a driving technology behind the attractions at Disney's indoor interactive theme park, DisneyQuest Chicago, opening today.

DisneyQuest's commitment to providing breakthrough entertainment is exemplified in this five-story, interactive adventureland which allows guests of all ages to experience the characters and stories of Disney in a whole new way. The virtual reality attractions created by Walt Disney Imagineering run on SGI hardware and supporting software. Walt Disney Imagineering is the design and development arm of Disney theme parks.

"SGI's advanced 3D technology enables many of our unique, interactive DisneyQuest attractions," said Bill Redmann, director of technology, Disney Regional Entertainment. "This cutting-edge technology lets our guests immerse themselves within the settings of the Disney stories they've enjoyed for years."

At DisneyQuest, guests can design their own roller coaster at CyberSpace Mountain. After choosing the configuration, speed and environment of the coaster, the data is converted into a real-time experience that allows guests to "ride" their own creation. Other attractions include: Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride, Hercules in the Underworld, Virtual Jungle Cruise, Ride the Comix and Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter.

"DisneyQuest required the computing power to create photo-realistic, real-time immersive environments," said Afshad Mistri, entertainment marketing manager, SGI. "Silicon img Onyx2 systems provide the reliability to sustain unrelenting day to day operations, while delivering the real-time high quality images that meet Disney standards. This alliance between the pioneer in location-based entertainment and the leader in visual computing technology has proven successful in the past, and we anticipate another great success in Chicago."

The opening of the Chicago facility comes oneyear after the successful launch of the flagship location at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, and will be followed by the opening of the Philadelphia site planned for Summer 2000.