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June 16, 1999

Disney Unveils Details On Rock 'N Roller Coaster

Orlando, FL -- Disney officials have unveiled some details about the new Rock 'N Roller Coaster attraction, which is slated to open in late-July at the Disney/MGM Studios theme park in Orlando.

The new launched looping steel coaster is designed by Vekoma International. The ride will feature three inversions, including two rollover loops and one corkscrew as it travels along 3,403-feet of track.

The ride's trains will be launched over 200-feet by magnetic driven LIM motors, which will accelerate the trains for zero to 57 mph in just 2.8 seconds. Riders will experience between four and five-G's upon entering the first inversion.

Passengers will begin their ride by boarding one of four custom designed 24-passenger trains, which are being decorated to look like stretch limos. Each limo features 120 speakers to play the rides custom soundtrack.

The entire attraction was built with a total of 900 speakers, with over 32,000 watts of amplifier power to drive them. The soundtrack will feature five separate audio scores that will be synchronized to the ride.

The Rock 'N Roller Coaster will also feature a two-minute pre-show and the total ride time on the coaster will three minutes and twelve seconds.

Disney officials have already unveiled the attraction to cast members and a soft opening may occur in late-June to early-July. Disney officials have stated that the new ride will officially open to the public in late-July.

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