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June 16, 1999

Himalaya Attraction Passed the City Inspection

Brooklyn, NY -- The Buildings Department Saturday confirmed that on March 27 inspectors had given the ride's owner Norman Kaufman, a certificate to operate the Super Himalaya attraction through the end of the summer.

According to the Buildings Department the attraction was checked and nothing was found to be wrong at the time of the inspection.

The Himalaya remains closed following Friday evening's deadly accident in which a 17-year old girl was killed after being thrown from one of the ride's cars.

Acting Buildings Commissioner Richard Viscontie has ordered an inspection of all of the attractions owned by Kaufman. In addition he has ordered the inspection of all similar attractions throughout the city.

According to local news sources this was not the first accident on the Himalaya ride. In 1989, several riders were injured when a metal bar fell from the canopy above onto the operating attraction. Also in 1984, the attraction was closed and cited by the city for electrical problems.

Kaufan, an independent ride operator at Coney Island, also runs the nearby Jumbo Jet roller coaster. The Schwarzkopf designed compact steel twister, suffered from an accident in 1996, which injured five people.