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June 4, 1999

Shipwrecked Rapids Opens At Sea World California

Shipwrecked RapidsSan Diego, CA -- Just imagine: You're stranded on a remote island with only one way to escape. You jump into a raft that twists through watery bends. Leaky water buckets and eerie nets pass overhead. Curious creatures and long lost castaways appear out of nowhere. You barely escape a ship's propeller. Around each bend, more waves and whirls give riders the thrill of a lifetime. This is SeaWorld San Diego's newest attraction, Shipwreck Rapids, opened to the public this past Saturday.

Rapids LayoutSeaWorld San Diego's Executive Vice President and General Manager Bill Davis explained the massive project. "Shipwreck Rapids promises to be a great addition to the community," said Davis. "Shipwreck Rapids is a fun-filled family adventure that immerses SeaWorld guests in the lives of some clever castaways stranded on a South Seas island. Their hospitable haven welcomes visitors with compelling aromas, exotic animals, crazy gadgets, and an escape route riddled with precarious obstacles. No other attraction in all of San Diego County comes close to a thrilling experience like this," said Davis.

Shipwreck Rapids will transform visitors into island castaways who journey on raft-like inner tubes in hopes of returning to civilization. During their quest, passengers encounter raging rapids, roaring waterfalls, sunbathing sea turtles, a near collision with a ship's propeller, and a dark, forbidding tunnel that guides the lost travelers through the interior of a ship's hissing engine room.

At journey's end, travelers can relax and satisfy their appetites at Shipwreck Reef Cafe, an interactive dining experience that will offer fresh, grilled seafood, vegetables and meats.

"Shipwreck Rapids and Shipwreck Reef Cafe will be the biggest and most exciting enhancement at SeaWorld San Diego in years," said Davis.