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June 3, 1999

Batman Takes Flight to Gotham City at Six Flags Over Texas

Arlington, TX -- May 25, 1999 -- Batman takes flight to the Entertainment Capital of Texas, Six Flags Over Texas, with his most powerful and unique crime-fighting tool, the powerhouse BATMAN THE RIDE(TM).

Get Ready Mr. Freeze -- the Coolest Coaster on the Planet, for the ultimate battle of good vs. evil with the impressive BATMAN THE RIDE, the most innovative roller design of the 20th century. Batman is ready to take control and mark his territory at Gotham City, a new-themed 2-acre area.

Batman The Ride"Six Flags Over Texas is proud to call home to the world's most beloved inverted roller coaster, BATMAN THE RIDE," said Steve Calloway, Vice President and General Manager of Six Flags Over Texas. "Thrill-seekers from the Southwest will definitely enjoy this unique Batman experience with nothing beneath them but earth and sky."

The most powerful and innovative ride of this century, BATMAN THE RIDE is an unparalleled thrill ride featuring a one-of-a-kind radiating yellow coaster track and high-speed sleek black trains with riders suspended from the steel coaster track.

Once aboard the unconventional 32-passenger trains, the bottom drops out from beneath the riders and they soar out of the Batcave four abreast to experience spine-tingling gravity forces and the sensation of racing at 50 mph as their feet dangle in the breeze.

As riders race out of the Batcave, they are sent into a 10-story climb into the sky before literally flying up and over a heart-pounding 77-foot-tall vertical loop and into the ride of their lives! BATMAN THE RIDE reaches 109 feet, six inches into the air with two ski lift-style trains that hang beneath the track.

BATMAN THE RIDE is manufactured by Bollinger & Mabillard, the Switzerland masters of innovative coaster design and the pre-eminent creator of inverted coasters.

Themed to the movie magic of the Batman movie franchise, Guests pass through the striking entry portal, detailed with gothic gargoyle sculptures and dramatic architecture, they enter the world of Gotham City, where the fantasy entertainment experience begins.

Located in the rear of the Gotham City park, above the city's skyline, soars Batman's newest crime fighting device, BATMAN THE RIDE. Before boarding the ride, unsuspecting Guests will stroll through Bruce Wayne's beautifully landscaped Gotham City park, down into his enemies' eerie, underground tunnels beneath Gotham City and finally escape to the Batcave to be whisked away on the ride adventure unlike any other.

"BATMAN THE RIDE marks the addition of the theme park's 10th roller coaster and one of the industry's most impressive thrill ride line-up," said Calloway. "BATMAN THE RIDE is a wonderful addition to our colossal of coasters."

BATMAN THE RIDE is a major part of the unprecedented $14 million expansion slated for the 1999 season. This year promises to provide Guests with a variety of shows and attractions for their enjoyment including Escape from Dino Island 3D Turbo Ride and six high-energy brand new shows!

Batman The Ride photo courtesy of Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc. All rights reserved.