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June 28, 2001

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Coming To Japan

FujiYoshida-shi, Japan -- Fujikyu Highlands in Japan announced that they are building the world's fastest roller coaster World Bucchigiri Coaster Dodonpa. The new coaster will break the previous record with a top speed of 106.8 mph. The new coaster is a Thrust Air model, which uses state-of-the-art compressed air technology designed by S&S Sports of Utah to power the ride.

World Bucchigiri Coaster Dodonpa pushes the envelop for coaster design. Thrill seekers will experience the ultimate launch, as compressed-air accelerates the trains from 0 to 106.8 mph in only 1.8 seconds. Passengers will feel the incredible force of 3.2 G's during the launch.

After the launch the coaster begins with a sweeping banked turn which leads to the 171-foot tall vertical tower. The trains will ascend and descend the tower at a 90-degree angle and after cresting over the top of the tower riders will begin a terrifying zero-g vertical freefall.

The ride also features four tunnels and a series of airtime bunny hills along the circuit of 3,900 feet of track.

World Bucchigiri Coaster Dodonpa will be the second coaster of its kind in the world. Earlier this year Paramount's Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia opened HyperSonic XLC, a smaller model that reaches a top speed of 80 mph.

The current speed record for a steel coaster is held by Superman The Escape at Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, California) and Tower of Terror at Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Austrailia). Both coasters are powered by LSM's (Linear Synchronous Motors) and reach a top speed of 100 mph.

World Bucchigiri Coaster Dodonpa Facts

Height: 171 feet

Top Speed: 106.8 mph

Length: 3,900 feet