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June 27, 2001

Six Flags Plans 200-Foot Tall Coaster for Ohio Park

Aurora, OH -- Six Flags Worlds of Adventure is seeking permission to build a 200-foot tall roller coaster at the park for next season. The proposed steel coaster if approved would be located on the former Sea World side of the property according to plans submitted by the park.

If all goes as planned the new coaster will replace the Woods Arena, the location of bird show and cross Squires Road, the main entrance to the Sea World side of the park. The majority of the coaster would be constructed over an existing parking lot and several hundred spots would be eliminated.

At a recent planning commission meeting in Aurora local residents came out to oppose the plans presented by Six Flags. Neighbors are concerned about noise and don't want a large coaster built in their backyard, according to one in attendance.

Six Flags may also have to overcome some other city obstcals before the plans are approved. The half ot the park in Aurora is not currently zoned for amusement park rides. According to city zoning all structures on the property must be under 35-feet.

Six Flags had hoped to have a zoning certificate transfered from the original park site to the new Sea World side, but the city denined the request unless Six Flags agreed to several conditions. Park officials were upset with the conditions and the city will take up the matter in a future meeting.

Based on the proposed height of 200-feet, coaster enthusiasts online are already speculating that the new coaster may be a new "hypercoaster". Six Flags has built hypercoasters at six of their other theme parks in the United States.