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June 27, 2001

Spectacular Nightime Parade Premiers at Tokyo Disneyland

Urayasu City, Japan -- On June 1 Tokyo Disneyland debuted their new Electrical Parade "Dreamlights," a new nighttime entertainment show that dazzles and entertains park guests with a spectacular display of lights, music and dance.

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade "Dreamlights" is a new version of the original Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade that was presented from 1985 through 1995. The new parade features overa one-million sparkling lights, 100 dancers, a magnificient new musical score and of course all of the favorite Disney characters.

"Dreamlights" still features the familiar music of the original, but the endearing Baroque Hoedown has a new arrangement with orchestration that updates the popular parade's signature music.

The new theme music opens with a familiar synthesized fanfare; gradually becoming a more splendid and melodious orchestration that should makes Guests feel both nostalgic and as if they are experiencing something completely new.

Popular Disney songs will be presented throughout the show in arrangements combining new elements with old.

More than one-million lights are featured in the new parade and some 700,000 are "mini-lights." Other lighting effects are created through the use of light emitting diodes, LED's, optical fiber and other lighting technologies. A new "internal lighting" technique is introduced to eloquently recreate several characters including Mrs. Potts and Chip in the "Beauty and the Beast" section.

In the "Cinderella" section, special lighting effects express the magic flowing from Fairy Godmother's magic wand and surrounding the crystal coach and ballroom scenes. In the "Alice in Wonderland" section, the Cheshire Cat is comically animated with lighting effects that continually illuminate his eyes, nose and mouth as his body disappears and reappears throughout the parade.

The new parade's costumes introduce designs and techniques to realize cleaner and yet more fantastic aesthetics. Disney characters are expertly recreated to appear in the parade as closely as possible to how they appeared in the original animated films.

Dancers' costumes are designed to accentuate a sense of Disney fantasy. Each dancer is outlined in illumination. Employed for the first time, reflective materials also help create beautiful costumes in combination with special lighting effects.

"Dreamlights" will be presented nightly at Tokyo Disneyland at 7:30 p.m. A second performance may be presented on selected evenings.