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June 19, 2001

Disneyland to Give Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes The Boot

Anaheim, CA -- One more attraction is going to get the boot at the end of this summer at Disneyland. The Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes, an original Frontierland attraction will be no more come the end of the summer. The popular attraction has been taking guests in canoes around the Rivers of America since 1955.

According to published reports the canoes are closing due to high-operating costs, maintenance and safety concerns.

"This is very disappointing," said John Waldrez of Santa Ana. "I've been enjoying the canoes since I was a child and now my children enjoy them as well."

The canoes have operated seasonal attraction for the past decade, but have remained very popular. Guests often wait nearly an hour to ride. Lively Cast Members server as tour guides during the trip and often rouse guests who do not paddle. The canoes are especially popular on a hot summer day, as they are a great way to cool off.

The following statement was released from Paul Pressler's office, head of the Disney Theme Parks division.

"In an attempt to keep Disneyland top-of-mind with our younger audience, we felt Davy Crockett lost its appeal to the newer generations visiting the Disneyland Resort. This is another low-profile, low capacity attraction, like the Motorboat Cruise and the Skyway, that people just aren't interested in any more. We want to bring innovative and imaginative attractions like 'Innoventions' to the forefront of our guests' minds."

Sadly the Davy Crockett Canoes will find itself on a growing list of recently closed Disneyland attractions. Recent closures include the Rocket Rods, Submarine Voyage, Peoplemover, Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and the Skyway. The list of closures actually out numbers the number of new attractions and improvements in the same period.

Jennifer Tillman of Phoenix, Arizona was disappointed to find the Rocket Rods closed on her recent visit to the park. "How many more rides can they close. Seriously, what's next?"