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June 16, 2001

Six Flags Magic Mountain Reopens Goliath Roller Coaster

Valencia, CA -- Six Flags Magic Mountain reopened the Goliath roller coaster Thursday, June 14 after being closed for ten days. The park received approval to begin operating the roller coaster after state investigators spent ten days performing extensive safety tests and found nothing wrong. Cal OSHA investigators concluded their investigation and deemed the ride safe to operate.

Goliath was shut down after Pearl Santos 28, was found unconscious when the roller coaster train returned to the station. Santos was pronounced dead at a local hospital after paramedics tried to resuscitate her.

The Los Angeles Coroner's office initially concluded that Santos death was the result of a pre-existing condition. According to the coroner she had an aneurysm in one of her brain's arterial walls that ruptured while on the roller coaster.

In a letter to an attorney the coroner noted that they found no evidence that the ride induced any additional stress than Ms. Santos might have experienced during other common stressful events that can trigger a rupture of an aneurysm.

Goliath is one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world. The roller coaster drops 255-feet and reaches a top speed of 85 mph during the 3-minute ride.