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June 22, 2000

Tasmanian River Rapids Opens At Wild Adventures

Valdosta, GA -- Imagine traveling the Australian Outback to the continent's island state of Tasmania and taking a voyage along the state's raging white waters! Wild Adventures Theme Park is offering first time rafters or the most courageous adventurers the opportunity to experience a small taste of a Tasmanian white water river on the park's newest water thrill ride.

Step aboard Wild Adventure's Tasmanian River Rapids ride. This six-minute water thrill ride offers only the most up-to-date and advanced river running. Guests will wind around treacherous corners, underneath grand waterfalls and navigate one of the country's wildest raging rivers. It's the largest water ride in the park and the only one of its kind in the United States. Wild Adventures is the first Theme Park to test its raging waters, complete with a specially designed whirlpool for a totally wet and wild adventure.

Deep within the park's Australian Outback is the Tasmanian River Rapids ride. Guests will plunge into the ultimate water experience aboard a large river raft, which will propel nine voyagers along a 1,148-foot channel. It's more than just your average water ride; in addition to high action waves, you'll find the only whirlpool feature of its kind in the Western Hemisphere where the boat actually drops below the surface of the water and re-enters downstream.

Tasmania River Rapids is also the safest river rapid ride in the world because of its low center of gravity and 3 segment round boat design. It's guaranteed to thrill over 1,200 passengers per hour and make them scream with delight. If you're willing to handle the challenge, it could be the ultimate water ride and the rewards will be immense.

Wild Adventures has four other water rides, as well as six roller coasters and a wide variety of family and children rides. To top off your wild adventure there are also hundreds of wild animals and a wide array of shows, attractions, food, and shopping experiences.