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June 19, 2000

Baby Animals Born At Six Flags Marine World

Vallejo, CA -- They're "oh so" precious and cute and we really couldn't be prouder, as Six Flags Marine World welcomes eight new additions to our animal family!

Two baby Bottlenose dolphins came into the world with plenty of fanfair at Six Flags Marine World this June. One is a baby boy and can be seen swimming with his mother, "Jasmine", at the Park's Marine Research Center. The gender of the second baby dolphin has yet to be determined.

"Sundari" and "Akasha" are Marine World's new baby Bengal tiger cubs. They're staying at Marine World for the summer before returning to their birth home at Black Pine Animal Park in Indiana. Six Flags Marine World spend 12 - 14 hours a day bottle feeding, playing and cuddling with the two cubs, forging that all important early bond between tiger and trainer.

Guests can see the cubs at Tiger Island in the afternoons or during play and exercise sessions with their trainer throughout the Land Animal side of the Park.

"Slick", "Burgess" and "Finn" are our new baby Black Footed African penguins and they're here to stay! The three arrived this Spring and can be seen in the Six Flags Marine World Bird Show or, on warm days, swimming in the dolphin fountain in Park's Main Plaza.

"Tyra" is a cuddley baby Kinkajou! She's related to the Raccoon family. The species is native to Central and South America. Guests can visit Tyra at the Park's Animal Nursery beginning late June.