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June 19, 2000

Fourth of July Festivities At Six Flags Marine World

Vallejo, CA -- This is July 4th, Six Flags Marine World celebrates American indendence in the new millennium with an explosion of light and color across the star-filled Bay Area skies.

The spectacular fireworks sky concert over Lake Chabot begins at 9 p.m. Nearly 500 pyrotechnic effects, choreographed to America's favorite patriotic music, will create a dazzling aerial display tha can be seen throughout the Park.

Six Flags Marine World's Batman Stadium offers lakeside seating for the evening's entertainment. Lakeshore picnic areas, Sea Lion Stadium and Whale Stadium also afford prime sight lines to the pyrotechnic extravaganza.

The Independence Day celebration at Six Flags Marine World begins at 9 a.m. and continues until 11 p.m. In addition to the fireworks show, guests will enjoy 32 rides, 10 shows and 35 animal attractions, including up-close visits with the Park's new baby animals and the chance to soar on the world's first flying coaster, Medusa!

Fourth of July festivities are free with admission or a Season Pass to the Park. General admission is $36.99, a Child's 48-inch and under ticket is $18.49, and tots age 3 and under are admitted free.