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July 21, 1999

PNE Playland Signs 3-Year Lease Extension

Vancouver, BC -- Playland Park officials are reporting that they have signed a three-year extension to their land lease, securing the park's operating location for the time being.

Prior to the announcement this was to be the final operating season for the park in it's present location. The new lease ensures that the park may continue to operate in its current location for up to three more years.

The announcement is also good news for coaster enthusiasts who have been flocking to the park to get a final ride on the park's classic wooden roller coaster. Designer Carl Phare built Playland's wooden coaster appropriately named Coaster, in 1958.

With the park having to possibly move locations, the fate of the Coaster was up in the air. Enthusiasts from around the world were hoping that the park would recognize the value of this classic coaster and relocate it with the park.

Fortunately for now it appears that Playland and the wooden coaster will continue to operate for several more seasons.