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July 21, 1999

Cedar Point to Announce New Project Tomorrow

Toledo, OH -- A television news station in Toledo, Ohio leaked news last week that Cedar Point will be making an announcement on Thursday morning about a new project for the year 2000.

According to the report the park will be announcing "the single most expensive project in the park's history." Further, the project will according to the report "change the face of Cedar Point forever."

Word of the pending announcement has caused a lot of speculation among coaster enthusiasts worldwide. Cedar Point presently has one of the greatest collections of the thrill rides and enthusiasts are wondering what the park may be building next.

Two weeks ago, Guide to the Point, an unofficial web site on Cedar Point, displayed a photo that showed roller coaster track sitting backstage at the park. According to reports and the Guide, the track appears to be Intamin steel coaster track.

The photo proved to be controversial as park enthusiasts continued to debate what it really showed and proved about the possible future project.

Presently, most fans are betting on either a steel-looping coaster of a hypercoaster. But according to our sources, fans may be getting something even better, possibly far better.

In the mean time let the debate continue until all is revealed tomorrow.