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July 21, 1999

Iwerks and Infogrames Announce Long Term Agreement

Burbank, CA -- Iwerks Entertainment, Inc., an international leader in high-tech entertainment attractions, announced a long-term agreement with video games giant Infogrames to develop and distribute ride simulation, theme park attractions and Large Format films based on popular Infogrames titles including "Independence War."

Infogrames is the producer of some of the most popular video games in the world and has agreements with Looney Tunes Interactive for development of games based on their popular characters and with Paramount Interactive for games including "Mission Impossible."

"This alliance will enable Iwerks to bring an even higher quality of well-known brand films to our clients and audiences worldwide," said Chuck Goldwater, president and CEO of Iwerks. "Working with the dynamic, creative and experienced business team at Infogrames, we are raising the level of the out-of-home entertainment experience that Iwerks is so well-known for."

The first project will be the development of a 3D simulation film based on "Independence War," the extremely popular game set in the year 2268.

In the game, the player is placed in the position of a young Navy commander facing the challenge of ending a centuries-long guerilla war in which colonists are fighting for independence from Earth. In the simulation film being produced by Iwerks, audiences will become part of the story as they experience the actions of the Navy commander.

"This first collaboration is in line with Infogrames' global strategy, which has its roots in video games and its future in digital entertainment," said Bruno Bonnell, Infogrames' CEO. "Infogrames has created `Independence War' with the idea of creating a unique futuristic world which has attracted thousands of fans around the globe. The partnership with Iwerks brings this masterpiece to simulation ride enthusiasts."

"Independence War" received numerous awards and top review scores from leading magazines. "Independence War Deluxe" will hit store shelves next month.

Distribution rights for "Independence War" and all future Iwerks/Infogrames productions will be exclusive to Iwerks for use in ride simulation attractions at amusement parks and other location-based entertainment destinations. As part of the arrangement, Iwerks has a right of first refusal on all new Infogrames ride simulation, theme park attractions and Large Format film productions based on Infogrames extensive library of titles.

Future titles being considered include Infogrames' newest release "Outcast" and "Alone in the Dark," an earlier Infogrames game.

Infogrames is a global publisher of interactive entertainment software. Founded in 1983, the company ranks in the top 10 entertainment software companies worldwide, and is the sixth largest console software vendor.

Iwerks Entertainment Inc., founded in 1986, is one of the world's leading full-service providers of high-tech entertainment systems, support services and film-based software in Large Format, ride simulation and specialty venue attractions.

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