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July 19, 1999

Myrtle Beach to Build New Wooden Coaster For 2000

Myrtle Beach, SC -- The owners of Myrtle Beach Pavilion amusement park unveiled plans to build a new wooden coaster for the year 2000 season.

The announcement made last Wednesday by park owners Burroghs and Chapin Co., Inc. disproves recent rumors that the company was planning to relocate the park.

"The tradition of the Pavilion is here to stay," said Doug Wendel, Burroghs and Chapin's president and chief executive officer. "The Pavilion is a permanent factor in downtown Myrtle Beach."

The new wooden coaster, called The Hurricane, will be built at the park at a cost of approximately $5 million. The new coaster will replace the aging Corkscrew roller coaster, which opened in 1978.

The Hurricane will be 3,800 feet long stretching along the southern end of the park. The coaster will feature a steel support structure with a wooden track.

Passengers will begin their ride with a climb up a 110-foot tall lift hill. Upon reaching the top, the train begin the first decent at a 53-degree angle, where riders will experience a force of up to 3 G's.

The initial plunge will be followed by a series of drops and turns including several zero gravity producing "camelback" humps.

"It's a two minute ride that will keep people coming back for more," Wendel said.

Officials announced that the Hurricane would be custom designed and built by Custom Coasters, Inc. of Cincinnati.

Construction is expected to begin after Labor Day and the new wooden roller coaster is slated to open next April.