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July 1999


July 21, 1999

Knoebels Twister Begins Testing Process
Elysburg, PA -- The Twister the newest roller coaster at Knoebel's Amusement Park has begun the initial testing.

The first test runs took place on Sunday, July 18. Shortly after the initial test run, the park's owners and top management took a seat for the first ride.

According to reports, all is going as planned and the Twister may open to the public this weekend.

To view photos of the initial test runs be sure to visit Bob Hooley's Knoebel's Twister web page.

Work On Holiday World's New Coaster Continues
Santa Claus, IN -- Construction work on the Legend, a new CCI-designed wooden roller coaster at Holiday World is moving along.

According to a recent report from a park visitor, construction on the coaster is coming along at a really fast pace. Work on the turn near the rear of the site has begun and a sizeable amount of the structure can be seen.

The same source also reports that most of the wood is already on site for the new coaster.

July 13, 1999

Construction Continues At Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, CA -- Work on what is being said will be the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the United States, continues at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Recent reports from the park state that work on pouring the cement footers for the coaster is continuing along. Further the park is still digging a large hole on the south side of Colossus.

A recent visit to the park confirms what appears to be the beginning of a tunnel that will go under the first drop of Colossus.

Additional work can also be spotted on the north side of Colossus where additional supports are likely to be poured.

A park source reports that the unannounced new roller coaster, which is believed to be a hypercoaster, will have a layout that will wind in and out of Colossus' structure.

Contrary to some rumors, this source states that, "The new coaster will not run along the back side of the park behind the Riddler's Revenge and Psyclone like some believe."

So far early construction would back-up this statement since the digging and pouring of footers remains concentrated in the area near and around Colossus and the north side of the Superman The Escape tower.

The same source also reports that the park is pondering the idea of opening the new coaster on New Year's Eve 2000.

Knoebel's Twister To Begin Testing In Late-July
Elysburg, PA -- According to Bill Linkenheimer, president of ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) the new Twister roller coaster at Knoebel's Amusement Resort is slated to begin initial testing on July 20.

Knoebel's had hoped to have the wooden coaster open by Memorial Day, but unplanned for delays in the construction have pushed the opening back almost two months.

The Knoebel's Twister is slightly modified replica of the classic Mr. Twister wooden coaster that used to operate at the old Elitch Gardens amusement park in Denver.

The opening of the Twister will be the last of more than forty new roller coasters to open in the US in 1999.

Drachen Fire Delivered Final Ride One-Year Ago
Williamsburg, VA -- The standing but not operating roller coaster, Drachen Fire, which continues to be a hot topic of discussion, delivered it's final rides exactly one-year ago.

The last day of operation for Drachen Fire was July 11, 1998. Park officials at Busch Gardens Williamsburg continue to offer diverse explanations as to why they decided to suddenly close the coaster.

Despite what the park says, inside sources say that the coaster was closed following a slew of legal problems associated with rider related injuries on the coaster.

Recently, it was confirmed that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has put Drachen Fire up for sale on a used rides web site for whopping $4.5 million.

July 1, 1999

Gold Reef City to Build First Giovanola Inverted Coaster
Johannesburg, South Africa -- Gold Reef City amusement park will be building the first Giovanola built inverted roller coaster. The new inverted roller coaster will be approximately 100-feet tall, feature an 88-foot drop, and will have five inversions. The coaster will open with one 20-passenger train, with two across seating and second train will be added at a later date. The inverted coaster is expected to open in October.

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