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Archive of past news articles on theme & amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

July 1999

$665,000 Raised in One Day to Help Save Arnolds Park
Save The Park has raised more than $4.4-million of the $5.5-million required to save Arnolds Park.
| Read More | 07/30/99

Six Flags Magic Mountain Sets The Record Straight
Superman The Escape still reigns as the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world.
| Read More | 07/29/99

SeaWorld Uses Elmer's Glue to Save Penguin's Life
A quick-thinking employee took fast action using the well-known glue to save the life of the unhatched chick.
| Read More | 07/29/99

Jazzland Theme Park Begins To Take Shape
Construction on the new New Orleans theme park continues in preparation for the park's May 2000 opening.
| Read More | 07/27/99

Millennium Force's Statistics Are Staggering
The incredible statistics for the new 'Millinnium Force' roller coaster claim title to ten world records.
| Read More | 07/22/99

Cedar Point To Build The World's Tallest Roller Coaster
The 310-foot tall 'Millinnium Force' to debut in 2000. The new thriller to break 10 world records.
| Read More | 07/22/99

PNE Playland Signs 3-Year Lease Extension
Officials announced that they have signed a lease extension securing the parks present location.
| Read More | 07/21/99

Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates Alfred Hitchcock Centennial
The park will celebrate the occasion with an installation of a monument on July 27.
| Read More | 07/21/99

Cedar Point to Announce New Project Tomorrow
A Toledo television station leaked news that the park will be making a major announcement on Thursday.
| Read More | 07/21/99

Iwerks and Infogrames Announce Long Term Agreement
Two high-tech leaders joint to produce spcialty films for the theme park and giant screen markets.
| Read More | 07/21/99

Myrtle Beach to Build New Wooden Coaster For 2000
The park's owners announced plans to build a brand new wooden coaster to open next season.
| Read More | 07/19/99

Coaster Train Derails Stranding Eighteen Riders
Crews had to rescue 18 riders, after the two derailed cars stop a roller coaster train 20 feet above the ground.
| Read More | 07/19/99

Rider Alleges Injuries on Coaster at Six Flags Elitch Gardens
A lawsuit brought on by the victim, claims that the park failed to warn customers of dangers they were aware of.
| Read More | 07/13/99

Thunderbolt Reopens, Mechanical Failure Ruled Out
Inspectors continue to look at other possible causes, while the park reopens the coaster for the first time.
| Read More | 07/13/99

Operator Error May Have Caused Thunderbolt Collision
Inspections may have rule out mechanical failure, pointing the blame to possibly operator error.
| Read More | 07/12/99

Coaster Train Collision Injures 30 at Kennywood
Thirty passengers were injured when the two trains on the Thunderbolt roller coaster collided.
| Read More | 07/11/99

Disney's FASTPASS Gives Guests An Alternative to Waiting in Line
Walt Disney World Resort is introducing the innovative system this month at Disney's Animal Kingodom.
| Read More | 07/09/99

Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Knott's plans to celebrate the anniversary by inviting past "loggers" to a special reunion.
| Read More | 07/09/99

Cedar Fair, L.P. to Build New Motel at Cedar Point
Cedar Fair announced plans to build a new limited service motel for the 2000 season.
| Read More | 07/06/99

Jeepers! Opens Two New Amusement Parks
A nationwide chain of indoor family amusement parks headquartered in Waltham, MA, opened two new parks yesterday.
| Read More | 07/01/99

Nonprofit Group Hopes It Can Save Arnold's Park
The Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum announced that it hopes to save the park by fund raising $5.5-million.
| Read More | 07/01/99

Historic Arnold's Park May Be Demolished For New Development
The oldest amusement park west of the Mississippi is suddenly in danger of becoming extinct.
| Read More | 07/01/99

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