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July 31, 2001

Legendary Coaster Designer Schwarzkopf Passed Away

Germany -- Anton Schwarzkopf, a legendary coaster designer passed away Monday morning July 30, due to complications with Parkinson's Disease. Schwarzkopf died following his 15-year battle with the disease.

Schwarzkopf left his mark on coaster history with his innovations in steel coaster design. His engineering work on roller coasters began in the sixties when he began to work on portable steel coasters.

His biggest accomplishment was in 1975 when Schwarzkopf engineered the World's first vertical loop. That innovation was used on the Great American Revolution coaster that opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1976. Two years later Schwarzkopf continued his double loop Mind Bender at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Schwarzkopf was also famous for engineering his looping coaster trains with only lap bars. The Great American Revolution and his popular Shuttle Loop coasters incorporated this design which allowed riders to safely ride upside down with only a lap bar.

Some of his other work includes the various portable steel coasters he built for parks and traveling fairs including the Wildcat, Looping Star and Jet Star models.

The funeral and burial will be held on August 2, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. in the Pfarrkrche in Ziemetshausen.

Schwarzkopf's son Weiland is continuing his father's work with a new company bearing the his father's famous name.