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July 21, 2000

Silver Dollar City Announces High-Flying, Multi-Looping Coaster

Branson, MO -- Silver Dollar City is announcing a multi-loop roller coaster with five inversions -- taking speed travelers into yesteryear, yet on a ride designed with today's thrill seekers in mind. The multi-million-dollar Wildfire, the largest ride ever in the park's four-decade history, is scheduled to open Spring, 2001.

Wildfire LogoWildfire will offer high thrills with a vertical drop of 15 stories, into a half-loop/half-roll, then a full loop, followed by a cobra roll with two back-to-back inversions, a corkscrew and a high-speed spiral, traveling at speeds up to 66 miles per hour.

"Wildfire is a high-flying, multi-looping, cobra-rolling speed machine. This addition will balance the Silver Dollar City ride experience for all our guests," said Mike Hutcherson, General Manager of the Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson, Missouri. "Wildfire is currently being constructed into the hillside and through the woods and will occupy a whole new section of the Park," Hutcherson added.

The experience tells the story of an old Ozarkian inventor, Dr. Horatio Harris, with an obsession to create a specially-powered, high-flying contraption for flight across the Ozark Mountains. While Doc Harris' success - or lack thereof - is without official documentation, record of his antics can be found in Silver Dollar City's original, authentic newsletters of 25 years ago. As the storyline goes, Wildfire is the fuel the loopy Doctor developed for his ultimate speed machine.

Wildfire Artwork"We're combining an 1880s themed laboratory and invention warehouse with a 2001 high-tech roller coaster. In the entry area, guests will experience innovation and imagination while exploring the works of this eccentric inventor of generations past," said Rick Baker with Silver Dollar City, who points out the theme park's mission to bring to life the history and heritage of the Ozarks. "Guests will then board his invention for a ride through the hills."

A trip on Wildfire will last over 2 minutes and will criss-cross 3 acres on 3,073 feet of track. Wildfire will carry more than 1300 people per hour with 32 passengers per train, with a height restriction of 52". Wildfire is being designed and manufactured by one of the leading ride manufacturers in the world, with experience producing more than 30 high-tech coasters. Bolliger and Mabillard, known as B&M, is based in Monthey, Switzerland. Wildfire is being themed and constructed by Silver Dollar City and its Corporate Development team.

Silver Dollar City, an 1880's theme park, currently the title-holder of the Applause Award, the top of award of excellence in the theme park industry worldwide, is located in Branson, Missouri. The park, offering rides, entertainment, signature foods, and five world-class festivals, is currently presenting America's largest kids' event, the National Children's Festival.

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Wildfire Statistics

Theming: The storyline tells of an old Ozarkian inventor with an obsession to create a high-flying speed machine, powered by the "Wildfire" fuel he created, for flight across the Ozark Mountains. The ride combines an 1880s themed laboratory and invention warehouse with a 2001 high-tech, looping roller coaster.

Layout: Steel, Multi-element Sit-down, Looping Coaster

Total Ride Length: 3,073 feet

Ride Time: 2 minutes, 16 seconds

Top Speed: 66 miles per hour

Tallest Vertical Drop: 155 feet or 15 stories

Inversions: 5 (Two full loops, a half-loop into a roll, and a Cobra roll with back-to-back inversions)

Vehicles: 2 trains, 8 cars per train, 4 passengers per car

Capacity: 1387 per hour

Area: 3 acres

Location: West of the Lumbercamp in the western section of the park

Height restriction: 52 inches

Construction: SDC Maintenance and Construction management and crew.

Ride Designer: Bolliger and Mabillard, Monthey, Switzerland

Ride logo courtesy of Silver Dollar City. All rights reserved.