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July 18, 2000

Cedar Point's Millennum Force Earns Top Honors In A&E Poll

Sandusky, OH -- What could be wilder than the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world? Nothing...according to the popular A&E Channel and its "Top 10 Wildest Rides" poll, which recently rated the astounding 310-foot-tall, 92-mph Millennium Force at Cedar Point amusement park/resort the No. 1 Wildest Ride for the thrill-riding season of 2000.

The annual roller coaster ranking is part of A&E's weekly "Top 10" series, which researches and determines "Top 10" lists on a variety of subjects. A crew from A&E interviewed several roller coaster enthusiasts and experts around the world and trekked to the coaster crazy Cedar Point to shoot and challenge the monster coaster for its "Top 10 Wildest Rides" program. Viewers can witness for themselves why Millennium Force was rated the No. 1 Wildest Ride on Saturday, Aug. 19 on the A&E Channel.

Making its highly anticipated worldwide debut at the historic Cedar Point in May, the $25 million Millennium Force has taken the amusement industry by storm, stunning riders from around the globe with its stratospheric height of 310 feet, blazing speeds of 92 mph over 6,595 feet of sleek steel track, almost-straight-down-300-foot drop at an imposing 80-degree angle and two dark dramatic tunnels.

Millennium Force shatters an amazing 10 world records, is the first roller coaster on Earth to break the elusive 300-foot-tall barrier and is Cedar Point's 14th roller coaster - the largest collection of coasters anywhere in the world.

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