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July 12, 2000

Cajun Pirates Invade Jazzland Theme Park in Louisiana

New Orleans, LA -- Family fun and "in-your-face entertainment" await Jazzland guests experiencing Cajun Pirates, a thrilling virtual adventure ride that simulates a spine-tingling seaboard journey with Louisiana's legendary pirate, Jean Lafitte.

Cajun Pirates, developed by SimEx Digital Studios, utilizes the same state-of-the-art flight-simulator technology used to train the world's top pilots. That technology synchronizes motion with video and sound to make the body and mind believe they are actually going on a journey into the open seas. The unique aspect to Jazzland's newest attraction is that it combines reality with fantasy, creating an absolutely believable experience with an element of mystery.

From the perspective of Jazzland guests, their journey begins in Macao, 1585 at the gateway to the East, near the dawn of the Great Age of Discovery. Guests are introduced to Lafitte and a band of pirates who are notorious for prowling the South China Seas. They tell of their deeds and misdeeds, their treasure and daring adventures and invite guests to join them as they embark on yet another voyage, replete with challenges.

Visitors are then led into a semi-dark theatre hung with ancient flags. At the front of the room is a huge sail on which is emblazoned a terrifying skull and cross bones, dripping with blood. The passengers find themselves sitting on wooden benches in the cabin of an old galleon. A sea-wind blows and the scent of the ocean air permeates the room. Jean Lafitte re-emerges and invites them to witness first-hand his last and most mysterious voyage.

After being safely secured in their seats, travelers experience the sensation that the platform has become a large ship, which is being transported into the open seas. Barely out of port, the wheel of fate turns against them and hurricane-force winds begin to batter the galleon, while heavy seas threaten to rip the ship apart. A tumultuous sea battle ensues and just who survives we'll leave a mystery.

"It is our intention with Cajun Pirates to couple the mystery behind the adventures of the infamous Jean Lafitte with cutting-edge simulator technology that leaves our guests spellbound," says Jazzland's Director of Marketing David Dorman. "This high-tech attraction is a must-see for all Jazzland visitors."

Jazzland Theme Park is located just 20 minutes from downtown New Orleans off I-10 near the intersection of I-510 and Lake Forest Boulevard.