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July 6, 2000

Islands of Adventure Introduces Two X-Cellent Attractions

Orlando, FL -- X-treme temperatures are breeding X-cellent adventures as Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando heats up Summer 2000 with a host of new rides, attractions and shows. There are rides that will sweep families into the midst of whirlwind battles between super heroes and super villains or transport them aboard a larger-than-life unicorn to an enchanted wood filled with mythical creatures, fairies and gnomes. And a new extreme sports show places guests inside the airborne mayhem as BMX bikers, skate-boarders and roller-bladers hurl and spin, narrowly avoiding collision 40 feet overhead.

Islands of Adventure's two new rides and six new shows -- along with the newly opened Men In Black Alien Attack attraction at the adjacent Universal Studios motion picture and television theme park -- make Universal Orlando the "can't miss" center of the entertainment universe for Summer 2000.

Storm Force Accelatron concentrates the potential of human energy to augment the powers of the X-Men super-heroine Storm, as she and Universal guests attempt to defeat Magneto, the X-Men's most unrelenting nemesis. The ride, located on Marvel Super Hero Island adjacent to the thunderous energy of The Incredible Hulk Coaster spins 360 degrees every two seconds, harnesses the forces of spinning vortexes in order to send cyclonic energy surges to the Accelatron's central core.

As guests enter the Accelatron, they learn that Storm, majestic mistress of weather, has requested the aid of her mentor, Professor Xavier, as the evil Magneto has begun a rampage of terror that will ultimately affect all mankind. Xavier and Storm, realizing that they alone cannot defeat Magneto, request the aid of humans to repulse the powers of darkness.

Guests board circular Power Orbs, specially designed to convert human energy into massive electrical forces through the power of "cyclospin." As the Accelatron's generator powers up, guests are bombarded by sonic and visual impulses. They grasp the Power Orb's rudder, spinning the Accelatron faster and faster as the kinetic human energy converted by "cyclospin" actuates natural energy through the central core, creating a magnificent thunderstorm of swirling light and sound, providing Storm enough power to easily defeat Magneto's wicked schemes.

Sharp-eyed visitors to Islands of Adventure's wondrous Lost Continent will discover traces of mythical creatures, fairies and gnomes. At the end of a meandering path hidden under the trees, they will spot the FLYING UNICORN, an exhilarating flight of fancy through the skies aboard a magical vehicle constructed by an ancient sorcerer. The Flying Unicorn is the first roller coaster at Islands of Adventure, a theme park known for its thrilling coasters, that is built just for kids.

In order to find the "Flying Unicorn," children will first discover a wizard's workshop, hidden behind ancient vine-covered oaks, flowers and ferns and surrounded by delicately carved topiaries. Gazing balls reflect tiny gnomes as the breezes echo the sounds of delicate wind chimes (or are those giggling fairies?).

Visitors enter the workshop, eyeing an old stone fireplace and mantle topped with alchemist's tools, jars and potions. Unseen elves reveal secrets of boarding the Unicorn and suddenly the Pegasus appears. As if drawn by a spell, children climb aboard his back, and as magical incantations are heard, the steed soars skyward, on a gentle, undulating journey towards the clouds.

Xtreme XventureBeginning July 2, the Toon Amphitheater is invaded by "Generation X" as bad-boy BMX bicyclists, psycho skateboarders and radical rollerbladers grind, spin and fly across the stage in the new XTREME XVENTURE. This in-your-face extreme sports showcase combines daring stunts, breakthrough techniques and primo pyrotechnics set to a ravin' beat and features the largest cast of daredevil athletes ever assembled on one stage.

Marvel Comics fans will find themselves in the middle of the action with Marvel Super Heroes On Parade. Guests will meet their favorite Marvel super heroes and villains up close as the comic-book characters leap off the page and onto the streets in a massive motorcade at Marvel Super Hero Island. Just in time for election season, guests will watch the erudite Bullwinkle J. Moose and Boris Badenov debate the "issues" in the Bullwinkle For President street show on Toon Lagoon. They'll also get the chance to see if they have what it takes to become an apprentice knight in Merlin's Mystic Knights on Lost Continent Island -- and thrill to primitive, rhythmic drum beats as they watch Prehistoric Rhythums on Jurassic Park Island.

Finally, after a day full of memorable adventures, guests can thrill to a pageant of pyrotechnics with the all-new Adventure To The Stars, an explosive display of dancing color, light and music. Beginning July 5, 2000, Adventure to the Stars can be seen nightly at 9:55 p.m. high above the Islands of Adventure Inland Sea.

Photo courtesy of Universal's Islands of Adventure. All rights reserved.