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January 7, 2001

X-Flight to Take Riders Flying at Six Flags Ohio

Aurora, OH -- Following an extensive review of the laws of gravity, Six Flags Ohio officials unveiled secret plans today to reverse Newton and Einstein's laws of gravity by creating X-Flight, an incredible -- if not unbelievable -- new roller coaster concept. The first at a Six Flags park anywhere in the world and the only one of its kind in the Midwest, X-Flight promises mankind the ability to freely fly like never before.

The mighty addition of X-Flight brings Six Flags Ohio's roller coaster total to a noteworthy ten and caps an unmatched coaster crazed expansion with six major league caliber roller coasters in less than four years.

"Last season we introduced the powerhouse Six Flags brand along with four blockbuster roller coasters, the biggest single year coaster expansion in regional theme park history," said Jake Bateman, Vice President and General Manager, Six Flags Ohio. "Only a company with the stature of Six Flags can continuously bring thrill-seekers of all ages power-packed new rides and attractions guaranteed to deliver ultra-sensational experiences."

"For an encore, Six Flags Ohio is building of one most innovative new roller coasters of the year; and, for that matter, of any year, with X- Flight," claims Bill Linkenheimer, coaster enthusiast. "We are pleased that Six Flags Ohio is the first park in the Midwest to build one. It complements the park's great variety of world class coasters and adds a truly distinctive dimension of powerful thrills."

X-Flight's flying odyssey begins when earth-defying thrill seekers board sleek 24-seat trains. But wait, this is no ordinary boarding of a coaster. One immediately senses this is going to be extraordinarily different. Seated backwards (that's right backwards) four abreast and secured by space-age harnesses, thrill seekers begin a suspense-building soar up the 115-foot monster hill and that's when the excitement begins to intensify.

As X-Flight prepares for an explosive blast off, thrill seekers (remember they are seated backwards) are suddenly reclined to a 30-degree angle and now face the sky with no idea of what lies ahead.

Then, without notice, X-Flight's after burners explode and the train suddenly inverts into a 180-degree twist transforming the thrill seekers into thrill flyers. Gravity pulls riders snuggly against the safety harnesses as the sky immediately disappears placing them in a horizontal position as they dive straight toward the ground and through eight exhilarating loops, spins and spiral-like twists.

Thrill flyers, virtually vertical with the ground in some segments, experience heart pounding, stomach turning excitement as X-Flight journeys over 3,340 feet of mangled steel while reaching speeds seemingly in the mach range, but realistically a racy 50 mph for most of the two minute, twenty second indescribable ride of a lifetime.

"X-Flight will be so thrilling and so unique that a new category far above ultimate will have to be created to describe the experience. There is nothing to compare it to in Ohio or the Midwest, for that matter," said Bateman. "In fact, thrill seekers will come from near and far to see it, touch it and, yes, ride it. Thrill seekers beware that X-Flight is so out-of-this-world you don't ride it, you experience it."

Six Flags Ohio's new X-Flight super flying coaster will make its historical launch in early May 2001. While the world waits, thrill seekers salivate.

Six Flags Ohio features over 100 rides and attractions including Hurricane Harbor waterpark FREE with park admission, Looney Tunes BoomTown children's area and world-class coasters including the one-of-a-kind Superman Ultimate Escape, the world's first vertical spiraling impulse coaster and Batman Knight Flight, the world's longest floorless coaster.

X-Flight Facts

Lift Hill: 115 feet
Track Length: 3,340 feet
Top Speed: 51 mph
Ride Time: 2 minutes, 20 seconds
Inversions: 8
Manufacturer: Vekoma International
Track Colors: Green and Dark Blue
Trains: 2 - 24 passenger trains with riders seated in six rows, four abreast
Tentative Opening: May 2001