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January 9, 2000

Man Jumps From Stratosphere Observation Platform

Las Vegas, NV -- On Wednesday night, January 5, 24-year-old Mitchell Mayfield of Utah jumped from the 1,149-foot high Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. According to reports it took the man only seconds to climb two metal fences before he jumped to his death.

According to Tom Willer, Vice President of Marketing, the on-duty guard ran to the scene, but Mayfiled was already gone. He is the first person to commit suicide by jumping off the tower.

Three other individuals have attempted to jump from the tower and five others have jumped with parachutes.

The Stratosphere Tower has two observation decks, one inside and the other outside. The outside deck is surrounded by two fences, one five feet high and another a level lower which is ten feet high. Surveillance video and alarms also cover the observation deck to alert security in events like this.