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February 26, 2001

Dinosaurs to Take Over Wild Adventures This Season

Valdosta, GA -- Dinosaurs are coming and taking over Wild Adventures Theme Park in 2001! Well not actually, instead guests will not step back in time, but move forward inside the park's new state-of-the-art motion simulator.

Watch out! Was that a Pteranodon? The only way to find out is to participate in a scientific exploration designed to investigate a mysterious newly formed island in the park. Travel with a scientific team, whose goal is to find out what is happening on Dino Island, a place that has baffled environmentalist around the world.

Through the magic of modern technology and amazing computer graphics, Wild Adventures brings you face to face with dinosaurs. The realistic simulator ride surrounds you with sounds and draws you into the magical world of prehistoric plant life, dark caves, rivers of lava and dinosaurs.

Meet T-Rex, Pteranodon, and a herd of Apatosaurs. You will feel the vibration of the creatures weight as he walks close by and then actually see T-Rex's breathe fog up the windshield of your vehicle.

These aren't whimsical puppets or actors in creature suits but realistically animated dinosaurs with lifelike skin and muscles. They are down and dirty with real life characteristics. Animators are calling it the most realistic animation to date. And you thought Wild Adventures just displayed live animals you can see in any zoo.

Before you make your journey into Dino Island, a pre-show will explain the premise of your wild adventure. The journey will involve many twists and turns, plus narrow escapes from a wide range of dangers. In the past, guests were only able to sit in a theater and watch dinosaurs, but this year they can ride with them.

Dino Island and the new motion simulator theater will open with the start of the 2001 season at Wild Adventures.