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February 22, 2001

Skyline is Changing at Six Flags Over Georgia In 2001

Atlanta, GA -- Thrill seekers are in for a treat this year as Six Flags Over Georgia unveils hair-raising new rides, blockbuster entertainment, virtual queuing technology and lower prices, park officials announced today. The new features are all part of the amusement park's $16 million expansion, the largest made to Six Flags since it opened in 1967.

Two giant additions will change the way guests view the park - literally towering over suburban Atlanta by almost 200 feet. First to make its debut in early spring is Deja Vu, the next-generation super boomerang roller coaster and the world's tallest and fastest ride of its kind. Traveling at thunderous speeds of 65 m.p.h., riders are strapped into a ski-lift style train flying fast forwards over a twisting, looping inverted steel track, only to do it again - backwards.

Paul Ruben, a roller coaster writer, lecturer, historian, and aficionado who has ridden more than 8,000 miles of coaster track on 567 different roller coasters over the last 60 years, said the new Deja Vu coaster sets a higher standard for coaster lovers and anyone who seeks extreme rides.

"With their largest investment in the park's 34-year history, Six Flags Over Georgia has dramatically raised the bar for thrill-ride fans in the Southeast," said Ruben, who is also editor of British-based Park World magazine, a leading trade publication for the international amusement industry. "Deja Vu is one of the newest and best examples worldwide of pushing the envelope in roller coaster design. This ride will enhance Six Flags Over Georgia as a major destination for roller coaster fans everywhere."

The other new ride of the season is Acrophobia, a 200-foot rotating tower drop ride where riders stand feet dangling, and then plummet 161 feet at speeds up to 62 mph. What makes Acrophobia even more hair raising is the 15-degree tilt rider's experience when they reach the top.

"Six Flags Over Georgia is experiencing dramatic changes this season which means there will be more to enjoy than ever - more thrills, more attractions, more shows and all at an incredible value to our Guests. As the Southeast's leader in entertainment Six Flags continues to offer our Guests exactly what they want, and our Guests will certainly take notice," said John Odum, vice president and general manager of Six Flags Over Georgia.

For those who go weak at the knees just thinking about roller coasters and other death-defying rides, Six Flags Over Georgia is introducing an unprecedented SEVEN new shows. "The Great Russian Circus," an amazing troupe of skilled acrobats, trapeze artists, and masters of the tightrope will make their debut in the 2,500-seat Axis Arena located in Gotham City. By adding spectacularly dangerous elements to traditional circus acts, "The Great Russian Circus" will bring audiences to the edge of their seats, gasping for air!

In addition to The Great Russian Circus, Six Flags Over Georgia is introducing other new shows including "Mermaids and Mariners," a high-diving show; a magic act named "Beguiled;" a 1970's song-and-dance "Reflections;" "Way Down Yonder" featuring country music classics; and the "Wild West Comedy Gun Fight".

Adding to the excitement of two new rides, Six Flags Over Georgia is actually increasing the amount of time guests can enjoy the park with its new virtual queuing technology - Fast Lane. Six Flags Over Georgia is the first U.S. theme park to implement a system that replaces long waits with a computerized "virtual line," scheduling ride times for park visitors who can then return to the ride just minutes before boarding.

Park visitors better hang on to their wallets because they will definitely be heavier this year with the rollback of general admission and parking prices. One-day tickets for adults are dropping to $35.00 plus tax, and kids 48 inches and under are $17.38 plus tax. Parking is now $7, down from $8 last year. The park officially opens for weekend operation on March 24 and daily operation on May 25.

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