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February 1, 2001

Six Flags Creates New Mega Park in Ohio

Cleveland, OH -- Six Flags, Inc. announced plans today for its new 750-acre entertainment complex in Ohio.

"In May 2001, Six Flags will open its new super park near Cleveland as Six Flags Worlds of Adventure," Gary Story, president of Six Flags, Inc. proclaimed. "The name Six Flags Worlds of Adventure exemplifies the three worlds of fun the park will offer for one price. Guests at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will experience a world-class thrill park, an educational marine life park and a wet and wild family water park all in one location. This single gate, mega-park concept provides an entertainment value that simply can't be beat." Six Flags also offers affordable lodging at its nearby hotel and expansive campgrounds.

Six Flags  LogoSix Flags' design team is already at work developing creative transportation solutions to link the parks around Geauga Lake. "We are in the process of opening up the existing area northeast of the lake to provide a land bridge between the parks," Story said. The area connecting the three distinct entertainment areas of Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will be themed with amusements and landscaped areas to provide an entertaining walkway between the thrill ride side of the park and the marine life areas. "We are also planning a themed family ferry ride across the lake to make our new super park more accessible to our guests," Story added.

"The 2001season at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will be all about providing our guests a top quality entertainment value," Story reported. "The new Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will maintain the rides, marine shows and educational programs our guests have grown to love over the years and add some exciting new themed attractions to keep our entertainment product fresh. Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will feature a sensational new dolphin show in the Stadium Theatre, a spine-tingling new Batman water ski stunt show, the Looney Tunes Lake House, a new vacation haven for your favorite Looney Tunes characters, our new mega-coaster X-Flight and much more."

"All of us at Six Flags are deeply committed to the marine life and shows at the new Six Flags Worlds of Adventure," Story remarked. "The zoological parks operated by Six Flags feature both marine and land animals and have been successfully caring for wildlife for 32 years. We are pleased to welcome the many Sea World employees who have expertly cared for the marine and aquatic life in this park. The Six Flags team in Ohio is stronger today due to the combined talents of the people working at both parks. Together we will continue to provide unparalleled fun and educational entertainment to our guests as Six Flags Worlds of Adventure."

With its unique combination of thrill park, marine life park and water park, the new Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will be the only park of its kind in the world. Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will feature:

- A blockbuster new interactive dolphin show

- A thrilling new Batman water ski stunt show

- Looney Tunes Lake House, new vacation home for Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes friends

- Penguins, sea lions, sea otters, sharks, walruses and dolphins

- Mission Bermuda Triangle motion simulator

- Pirates 4-D high tech adventure show

- A daring shark experience

- A magnificent trained animal actors show

- A wacky sea lion show also featuring otters and walruses

- Aquariums full of exotic fish

- Sea life touch pools

- Two of the largest themed children's play areas in the country

- 10 state-of-the-art roller coasters, some themed with DC Comics super heroes like Superman and Batman

- Cartoon Network characters like Power Puff Girls and Scooby Doo

- 21 slick water slides

- A 25,000 square foot wave pool

- And many more shows and attractions

"Some of the names may change, but the entertainment value our guests have come to expect at our park will remain the same," Story added.

Construction recently began on Six Flags Worlds of Adventure's much-anticipated new mega coaster, X-Flight. Bringing the park's coaster count to 10, X-Flight defies the laws of gravity by allowing riders to fly 115 feet in the air without an airplane! This monster thrill coaster features 180-degree inversions, eight exhilarating loops, spins and spiral twists over 3,340 feet of steel track.

Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will honor all 2001 Six Flags Ohio Season Passes and Sea World Season Passes and Fun Passes already purchased. "Our 2001 season is a powerhouse of value," Story said. "Our season pass holders will have unlimited visits to three great parks for the price of one this year. This kind of family entertainment value is unmatched anywhere."

Season Passes for the new Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will go on sale February 4th. Season Pass will run $49.99 per person per pass for a family of four. "An added bonus is your Six Flags Worlds of Adventure Season Pass allows you to visit 18 thrilling Six Flags parks from around the globe!"

General admission for a one-day ticket will be $37.99 for adults, and, kids are always price at Six Flags parks. "Admission to Six Flags Worlds of Adventure is priced right," Story added. "We are $1 less than Cedar Point, our nearest competitor in the Midwest." Group outings are also a bargain at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. All group outings arranged with Sea World prior to its purchase by Six Flags will be honored and receive the benefit of access to all three unique parks.

"Our vision all along was to create an entertainment destination with the scope, magnitude and variety of entertainment that will provide a bigger- than-life experience and catapult this park into a unique position in the travel and recreation industry as a destination super park," Story concluded. "Over the next five years, that vision will result in a variety of entertainment
opportunities for Six Flags Worlds of Adventure." Six Flags is exploring several innovative concepts for this park including:

- Building a 6-acre lushly landscaped tropical land where guests will walk through a volcano and rain forest to reach numerous interactive areas with exotic birds, reptiles, flamingos, marsupials, swimming tigers and alligators

- A dark ride that will send guests to the deepest abyss of the ocean

- A deep diving submarine Nautilus ride

- Vastly expanding our interactive parent/children play areas

- Marine themed interactive rides and attractions

- Motion simulator and IMAX theatre experiences including a Dinosaur 3D spectacular

- Introducing unusual and educational marine and land animals at the park

- Constructing a monorail system

"And, of course," Story added, "we will continue the Six Flags tradition of building world-class roller coasters."

Looney Tunes, characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Warner Bros. © 2001. Batman and all related characters, names, rides and attractions names, and indicia are trademarks of DC Comics © 2001. Six Flags and all related indicia are trademarks of Six Flags Theme Parks (c)2001.

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