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February 1, 2001

Six Flags Over Texas Announces 2nd Expansion For 2001

Arlington, TX -- Staying true to its promise to mark the historic 40th Anniversary of Six Flags Over Texas in stunning fashion, Six Flags' officials unwrapped plans today for a Texas-size expansion of its family and children's section featuring 9 major new rides and attractions.

Six Flags Over TexasToday's announcement coincides with the mounting excitement among thrill seekers worldwide for Six Flags Over Texas' newest addition to its power- packed thrill arsenal; the mighty Titan extreme hyper-coaster announced last fall.

"We are delivering on our promise to make our 40th season the biggest and grandest ever in the history of this icon of American theme park entertainment," said Steve Calloway, vice president and general manager at Six Flags Over Texas. "We've never been a company or a park to rest on our laurels. Therefore, in our tradition of offering thrills with appeal to all ages and all extremes, we announce today big plans to add a magnificent new family section to the park for 2001."

Looney Tunes USA, the new sprawling kids section located near the front gate area of the park, will beam with vibrant new theme presentations based on the beloved Time Warner Looney Tunes cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, and Tweety. The new section will be a special place where kids and adults alike can meet and greet their favorite Looney Tunes characters and enjoy great rides and attractions.

"While Titan's monstrous size will cast huge shadows over the metroplex, our new, expanded family section is equally significant in terms of its scale and scope," Calloway explained. "This will truly be a magical place where kids and their families can enjoy a variety of new generation family interactive rides and attractions."

In addition to a new family roller coaster called Wile. E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster, Looney Tunes USA will also present:

- Yosemite Sam's Texas Tea Cups -- A twirling, whirling ride inside miniature oil barrels, that's teacups - Texas style!

- Sylvester & Tweety's State Fair-is Wheel -- It's up, up and away on this pint-sized version of the ultimate in Ferris wheels.

- Taz's New York Adventure -- Shoot up the side of the Empire State before bouncing down to a smooth landing.

- Route 66 Bumper Cars -- Get your kicks on Route 66! Tot-sized wheels a different Looney Tunes character emblazoned on the front of each car. Don't forget to buckle up!

- Daffy for President Tour Bus -- Pack a lunch, because who knows when or where this crazy bus will stop. It's a ride on the wild side as Daffy takes his act on the road.

Several of the park's classic children's rides will be returning in 2001 with new looks:

- Bugs Bunny's Spirit of St. Louie -- Take flying to a whole new level on this updated version of the Red Baron ride.

- Speedy's Truckin' Across America -- Go on a scenic tour across the good old U.S. of A. with Speedy Gonzalez at the controls.

- Michigan J. Frog's Tinseltown Parade -- The swing ride has a new home, new name and a whole new "Hollywood" look.

- Elmer Fudd's "America the Beautiful" Railway -- All Aboard! Elmer's the conductor on this newly themed train ride.

"The Titan announcement, coupled with today's big announcement of a new family and kids section, represents the single biggest expansion in the 40-year history of this great theme park," Calloway said. "And, we're not done yet."

Looney Tunes USA is under construction with completion scheduled in mid- Spring. Six Flags Over Texas' 40th season celebration begins March 3.

"This will be a season like no other at Six Flags Over Texas with a year- long Texas-size celebration packed with surprises, thrills and more fun than one can imagine," Calloway concluded.

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