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February 22, 2000

Playland to Remove and Replace New Roller Coaster

Rye, NY -- Playland Park officials announced that they will remove the new Wild Wind roller coaster before the park opens this year. The new single-loop, compact steel coaster was constructed last summer, but was not ready to operate during the 1999 season.

According to park officials the g-forces generated on this roller coaster brought up some safety concerns. Sources say that the Wild Wind created a g-force of 4 G's, the equivalent of four times the earth's normal gravitational pull.

Fearing that some riders may sustain injuries related to the g-forces. Playland Park director Joseph Monalto decided to have the coaster removed out of concern for rider safety.

The Wild Wind roller coaster is owned by Zamperla and was leased to Playland at no charge after another park failed to complete the purchase of the coaster. According to Playland, Zamperla and the park were going to share the profits generated from this attraction.

Playland officials emphasized that the decision to remove the coaster is unrelated to an accident that occurred last August on a Zamperla roller coaster at Gilian's Wonderland Pier in New Jersey. The two rides are completely different designs.

According to the park Zamperla has incurred all costs associated with the coaster including the delivery and set-up. They will also be responsible for the costs associated with removing the attraction.

Zamperla intends to provide Playland with a replacement roller coaster, which they hope to have delivered and ready in time for the park's May opening date.