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February 17, 2000

Six Flags Over Texas Announces Pre-40th Birthday Plans

Arlington, TX -- Six Flags Over Texas has announced a two-year plan to celebrate the park's 40th birthday in 2001. Officials dubbed this year as a pre-birthday party which will include extensive enhancements designed to boost the total park experience of guests.

"We will focus on readying this landmark theme park for the introduction of major new ride attractions and shows for our 40th birthday party," said Steve Calloway, vice-president and general manager of the park. "If we were in the movie business, I suppose this season would be described as the "prequel" to the blockbuster event."

Mr. Calloway said one new family ride labeled "The Missile Chaser" will return to the menu of ride options for 2000. The remaining investment dollars will be poured into a long "guest wish list" discovered in focus group research in 1999.

"Guests like the results of the record investment put into Six Flags over Texas the past two years," said Mr. Calloway. "However, they now want us to balance the park experience with more family activities, special events, emphasis on Texas history, and comfort.

In response, Mr. Calloway said new shade structures and misters will be added, as well as new park entertainment such as live bands, park characters, and roaming entertainers. In addition, the park as a whole is undergoing a face-lift. Improvements include landscaping, paint projects, refurbishments to the legendary Texas Giant and an overall "beautification" of the park.

"We have heard our guests," said Mr. Calloway. "They value our high standards, but we are working to elevate those standards in the areas of speed of service, employee friendliness, and park cleanliness."

Officials from the park said they plan to add improvements to scheduled special events at the park.

"Our guests also tell us they want more special events especially those designed for families," said Mr. Calloway. "As an example, the Texas Heritage Festival, Spring Breakout, Holiday in the Park were enormously popular, and Fright Fest was a huge success partially because of improvements made to it. Guests tell us they want more of the same."

Mr. Calloway said the success of the special events had an important impact on overall attendance at the park last year. Six Flags received a 2% increase in attendance in 1999, over the prior year.

Officials from the park declined to predict new ride and show additions for the 40th birthday celebration.

"All I can tell you now," said Mr. Calloway, "is this milestone event for the park will be marked in a Texas-sized way. Don't worry, everyone will receive an invitation."

Six Flags Over Texas will open for the 2000 season March 11. The park will operate daily through March 26 during the annual Spring Breakout event.