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February 7, 2000

Six Flags Astroworld Bids Farewell To Astroneedle

Houston, TX - Engineers and crews at Six Flags AstroWorld are dismantling the AstroNeedle, a park landmark. The decision to remove the AstroNeedle comes after months of deliberation by park officials. In the end, the desire to make room for future attractions resulted in the decision to remove the ride.

The AstroNeedle will be carefully packed and transported to the newly-branded Six Flags Mexico in Mexico City where it will eventually join an already impressive line-up of rides and attractions. "The AstroNeedle has served this park well; yet, the time has come to make room for new attractions," stated Chuck Hendrix, AstroWorld General Manager.

AstroNeedle History: The AstroNeedle, previously named "Skyrama," was one of the park's original attractions at its 1968 opening. The 340-foot, white (formerly gold) tower was one of the tallest rides in the world. The two-layer, donut-shaped cabin revolved twice each trip, giving Guests a panoramic view of the city.