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February 7, 2000

Two Popular Shows Will Return To SeaWorld Cleveland

Cleveland, OH -- Two of the 1999 season's new shows will return this summer to SeaWorld Cleveland as the park celebrates its 31st season. "Fools with Tools" starring Clyde and Seamore Sea Lion and the "Wild Wings" Bird Show are back by popular demand and will kick off the season's festivities in soaring fashion.

Look out, Mister Fixit, here come Clyde and Seamore Sea Lion. These two prankster pinnipeds are the bumbling hosts of a do-it-yourself home improvement program in this hilarious, all-new show. Bob Vila they're not, and these handyman wannabe's tackle even the simplest of remodeling tasks with disastrous and totally hysterical results.

Extra-large tools and other comical props add to the comedy as this butter-fingered duo attempts to instruct the audience on the art of home repair. Even Martha Stewart would have to laugh at the lengths they go to just to fix a doorknob.

The show's comic theme also highlights the relationship and sense of trust between animal and trainer as they come together to create a light-hearted, entertaining atmosphere.

Chaos-causing otters and a remarkable walrus join Clyde and Seamore in this parody that epitomizes the show's slogan, "Why pay to have it done right, when you can do it yourself."

While Clyde and Seamore are doling out adventures in remodeling, birds of a feather are flocking to the Woods Arena to experience SeaWorld's all-new bird show. This fantastic free-flight extravaganza features many species of birds never before seen in such presentations.

Set amid a lush, rocky environment complete with a lagoon, "Wild Wings" introduces numerous aquatic and exotic species new to SeaWorld, such as the African Crown Crane, the 5-foot-tall saddlebill stork and the graceful great blue heron. Guests soon become part of the show as these birds take off in free flight, swooping into the lagoon in search of food and gliding just inches above the audience. Many birds even interact directly with guests, diving to retrieve grapes and fish tossed to them by volunteers.

Returning avian favorites include the beautiful sun conures, a vocal macaw with an impressive repertoire of words and songs, and an incredible Andean condor. Also returning will be "Mama Cass," one of the world's only tame cassowarys, who made quite a splash last year with appearances on such television programs as "The Late Show with David Letterman" and "The Maury Povich Show."

Guests won't want to let this exciting new show "fly by." With its combination of awesome free-flight demonstrations and avian antics, "Wild Wings" is certainly one adventure guests will flock to experience.

For more information about SeaWorld Cleveland's new "Fools with Tools" starring Clyde and Seamore, the new "Wild Wings" Bird Show or the park's 1999 summer season, please call 330-562-8101 or, toll-free, 1-800-63-SHAMU.