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February 3, 2000

Six Flags St. Louis Announces New Wooden Coaster

St. Louis, MO -- Six Flags St. Louis announces a new, world-class wooden roller coaster for 2000, offering a unique ride experience that can't be duplicated in anywhere in the world, according to Tom Iven, the Park's Vice President and General Manager. The massive new roller coaster structure is an engineering phenomenon with an unprecedented 15-story double-down-double-drop first hill and sweeping twists, turns and banks used in combination to create a one-of-a-kind wooden roller coaster.

"This is a Super Bowl caliber roller coaster already considered one of the world's blockbuster wooden coasters of all time. It is so vast, steep, deep and just plain wild the experience would be like riding a roller coaster over and through the Grand Canyon," Ivens said. "It will it at the top of every list of greatest and grandest wooden coaster experiences of all times."

The Boss Roller Coaster Six Flags St. LouisCalled "The Boss," the 122-foot tall giant wooden coaster dominates the skyline over the Park.

"The Boss packs powerful credentials," noted Tom Iven, vice president and general manager of Six Flags St. Louis. "A gripping 52-degree, 150-foot double-dip-double-drop hill at the beginning of the ride sets an intimidating tone. Sleek ultra-fast trains will race over 5,051-feet of sprawling, twisting, turning and banking terrain track. The big-time features on this coaster create a lot of "float time" for riders, making The Boss one exhilarating experience from start to finish. The experience is completely different from the Park's legendary Screamin' Eagle roller coaster, which is a traditional out-and-back configuration."

"The Boss configuration is one of the most inventive designs I've ever seen in my life for a wooden roller coaster," said Gary Slade, editor and publisher, Amusement Today. "It is simply spectacular. The ride experience on this coaster will be beyond description because of features like the double-down first drop and the tight crosses, twists, turns and banks. This Boss will really rule as one of the top wooden coaster experience in the world when it opens."

The Boss takes charge right from the start. After the stunning first double-drop, The Boss crosses over itself six times. A number of stomach-turning drops including one of 112-feet and one of 103-feet, a head-spinning 570-degree Helix and a series of "air-time" rabbit hops and high-banked turns keeps The Boss in command at all times.

The addition of another mega-attraction following last year's building of a new multi-acre and multi-million dollar water park once again broadens and diversifies the overall entertainment offering available at Six Flags St. Louis. It also signals the continued commitment of Six Flags to having a Super Bowl caliber Park in this part of the country, noted Iven.

"A perfect addition to the park, The Boss has the wide appeal of a classic "woodie" with latest and greatest state-of-the-art thrills," Iven said. Last year, Hurricane Harbor redefined the physical footprint of Six Flags St. Louis, adding 12-acres of new fun. This year, The Boss is redefining the Park's skyline as it towers mightily over the legendary Screamin' Eagle roller coaster in the Britannia section. The Boss operates three trains of 24 riders each with the potential for 1,400 rides per hour. "Added ride capacity always translates into a better overall guest experience." notes Iven. At 1,400 riders per hour, The Boss will have the largest potential capacity of any coaster in the Park. The Boss will feature the open, roomy Gerstlauer style trains.

With the addition of Hurricane Harbor in 1999, Six Flags St. Louis positioned itself as the area's largest single attraction destination. In addition to offering Hurricane Harbor free with theme park admission, Six Flags St. Louis also rolled out a "Kids Always Price" (48" and under) program, a program it will continue this season. "Hurricane Harbor, the single largest capital investment in the park's history, firmly established Six Flags St. Louis as the entertainment value leader in Mid-America," stated Iven. "The addition of another mega-attraction this year reinforces our leadership position."

Park's history, firmly established Six Flags St. Louis as the entertainment value leader in Mid-America," stated Iven. "The addition of another mega-attraction this year reinforces our leadership position."

The Boss, a Custom Coasters, Inc. roller coaster, takes its place at the top of the Park's existing lineup of great roller coasters. The Park's roller coasters include: River King Mine Train steel coaster, which debuted with the park in 1971; The Screamin' Eagle wooden coaster, which opened in 1976; Ninja-The Black Belt Of Roller Coasters steel looping coaster, which opened in 1989; Batman The Ride inverted steel looping coaster, which opened in 1995; and Mr. Freeze steel, linear induction powered coaster, which opened in 1998.

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Six Flags St. Louis "The Boss" Artist Rendering February 3, 2000

Artist rendering courtesy of Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc.