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December 9, 1999

Geauga Lake to Expand and Become Six Flags Ohio

Aurora, OH -- Premier Parks and Geauga Lake officials announced a $40 million park expansion, including the renaming of the park to the Six Flags brand. The incredible plans announced yesterday include twenty new thrill rides, including four new roller coasters for the 2000 season.

"This is the largest single expansion in this park's storied history," said Kieran Burke, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Premier Parks Inc. "There will be a whole new thrill element to this park that will continue to broaden its appeal."

Premier's investment in Six Flags Ohio is expected to bring about a significant increase in the park's attendance. The expansion will also help Six Flags to compete against other major Ohio amusement parks Cedar Point and Paramount's Kings Island.

When Six Flags Ohio opens next spring, the park will unveil a long list of new attractions. At the top of the list will be four state-of-the-art roller coasters, which are expected to bring out the crowds.

Batman Knight Flight will send riders on a unique journey aboard floorless roller coaster trains. The custom-designed coaster will rise to a height of 161-feet, have a top speed of 65 mph and feature 4,210 feet of twisted steel. Batman Knight Flight is being designed by popular Swiss coaster designers Bolliger and Mabillard.

The Villain the park's new 4,000-foot long world-class wooden coaster will stand 120-feet high and reach a top speed of 60 mph. The twelve hills laid out in a traditional "out and back" style are designed so that the train will maintain its pace and loose very little speed over the peaks.

Superman Ultimate Escape will send riders soaring for the sky on this high-speed, 180-foot tall, 'U'-shaped roller coaster. Upon reaching the top the train will then reverse directions and scream back down to the ground.

Unlike a traditional roller coaster which uses a lift hill to gain momentum, Superman will be launched using high-tech LIM's, Linear Induction Motors to reach the top speed of 70 mph which will propel the trains up the eighteen story tower.

A forth-new roller coaster named the Road Runner Express, will open for the upcoming season. This new family-style steel coaster will be the perfect addition for a first timer.

Also included in the expansion plans is a Looney Tunes themed children's section, appropriately named Looney Tunes Boom Town. The new children's section will feature several rides and attractions designed for the parks' younger guests.

Guests visiting during the summer will appreciated the renamed and expanded "Hurricane Harbor" waterpark. Plans to expand the waterpark include a new 25,000-gallon wave pool, a thrilling new tube slide complex with four slides, plus the addition of a 1,000-foot adventure river. Park officials acknowledged that the waterpark would be included with the regular admission.

Next years plans also include a lineup of spectacular new shows. The Batman Stunt Show will feature DC Comics character Batman in a battle against his arch enemies. This exciting live-action stunt show will feature daredevil stunts and eye-dazzling special effects.

The Looney Tunes Show, intended for the entire family, will feature Bugs Bunny and his pals in a show about a cross-country road trip.

Construction on the new projects has already begun and officials hope to have all of the projects completed in time for the park's opening day. Six Flags Ohio is slated to open for the 2000 season in May.

Batman Knight Flight Facts

Type of Coaster: Floorless Multielement Coaster
Height: 161 feet
Top Speed: 65 mph
Length: 4,210 feet
Manufacturer: Bolliger and Mabillard of Switzerland

The Villain Facts

Type of Coaster: Wooden Coaster
Height: 120 feet
Top Speed: 60 mph
Length: 4,000 feet
Support Structure: Steel
Manufacturer: Custom Coasters International

Superman Ultimate Escape Facts

Type of Coaster: LIM Launched Impulse Coaster
Height: 180 feet
Top Speed: 70 mph
Length: 2,700 feet
Layout: 'U' Shape
Manufacturer: Intamin AG of Switzerland

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