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December 9, 1999

Three New Coasters for Six Flags New England

Agawam, MA -- Riverside Park officials announced that they will be changing the park's name to the Six Flags brand and build three new roller coasters for the 2000 season. The unveiling of Six Flags New England will complete a four-year, $100 million expansion of the popular theme park.

In addition to the name change park officials unveiled a lineup of exciting improvements for the 2000 season. The highlight of the improvements will be the construction of New England's first hypercoaster, Superman Ride of Steel. Guests will soar on one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world!

The new super-sized steel coaster will stand more than twenty stories tall and race along nearly a mile of track at 80 mph! Superman Ride of Steel will be built as the flagship attraction in the new Superhero Adventures section. The new 10-acre area will be themed around the DC Comics superheroes.

Also in the lineup for 2000 will be the opening of Flashback, a daring journey through six upside-down inversions, three forwards and three backwards! The new multielement shuttle coaster will stand over twelve stories and feature a top speed of 50 mph.

Park officials also unveiled plans to build a third steel coaster in the new Looney Tunes MovieTown. This new 'Tivoli' style steel coaster will be the perfect family addition to this new family section of the park.

Looney Tunes MovieTown, a new family themed area will feature Looney Tunes themed rides and attractions where kids and parents can ride and play together. Children will also get the opportunity to meet Bugs Bunny and all of the other Looney Tunes characters in this new themed section.

Additional plans for the new season include the expansion of the park's twenty-story freefall ride. The freefall tower will be expanded with two additional Turbo Drop towers for a total of four. Officials will also rename the attraction Scream, for the new season.

Following the Six Flags tradition of outstanding entertainment the park will produce two new shows for the 2000 season. The Batman(TM) Thrill Spectacular will feature this popular DC Comics superhero, as he battles with his arch enemies. This new live-action show will feature daredevil stunts and explosive special effects.

Children and adults will also enjoy the new show, What's Up Rock?! An entertaining, family-style, 50's musical featuring Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes characters.

Six Flags New England will open for the new season in spring of 2000.

Superman Ride of Steel Facts

Type of Ride: Hypercoaster
Height: 208 feet
Maximum Drop: 221 feet
Top Speed: 80 mph
Track Length: 5,400 feet
Number of Trains: 2
Manufacturer: Intamin AG of Switzerland

Flashback Ride Facts

Type of Ride: Multielement Boomerang Shuttle
Height: 125 feet
Maximum Drop: 125 feet
Top Speed: 50 mph
Track Length: 875 feet
Inversions: 6
Number of Trains: 1
Manufacturer: Vekoma International

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