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December 7, 1999

Worlds Of Fun Announces Plans For New Roller Coaster

Kansas City, MO -- Worlds of Fun will inaugurate its 2000 season of thrills with a multi-million-dollar, 12-story-tall steel roller coaster named the Boomerang, a state-of-the-art scream machine that will rocket riders-forwards and backwards--through a disorienting trip of corkscrew turns and upside-down loops.

"Designed by Vekoma International B.V. of the Netherlands, the Boomerang is regarded among amusement park enthusiasts as one of the most spectacular rides in the history of roller coasters," said Worlds of Fun Vice President and General Manager Daniel R. Keller.

"Boomerang will be the only roller coaster in the Midwest that will propel its riders both forwards and backwards," Keller said. "With Boomerang, Worlds of Fun continues its efforts to provide thrilling, unique new rides and attractions that our guests can enjoy year after year."

Soon to be located in the African section of the park, Boomerang will stand over 12-stories tall with two 125-foot lifts and a signature 60-foot vertical loop. Boomerang riders will board a seven-car train and be pulled backwards to the top of a nearly vertical lift tower. The train is then released to plummet forwards at nearly 50 miles per hour down the steep slope, through two half loops and half screws with the train nearly inverted. It continues its route through a complete loop and up the second lift. At the top, the train stalls for a brief second, then races backwards down the hill, repeating the same maneuvers in reverse order before coming to a gentle stop at the station.

"The length of the ride approaches 2,000 feet of forward and reverse maneuvers. The uniqueness is in the fact that you will rocket through loop after loop, and then make the whole trip over again backwards," said Keller. "It will be one of the more thrilling rides in our park. In less than a minute, you will be turned upside down, not once but six times.

"Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun make up one of the Midwest's largest entertainment complexes with over 235 acres of rides, shows and attractions. Worlds of Fun will open for its 28th operating season on April 8, 2000.