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December 1999


December 9, 1999

Myrtle Beach Pavilion Sells Corkscrew Roller Coaster

Myrtle Beach, SC -- Myrtle Beach Pavilion amusement park reports that they have sold their Arrow Corkscrew roller coaster to an amusement park operator in Mexico. The new owners Groupo Magico have plans to install the roller coaster in a new park they are building in Columbia. Myrtle Beach Pavilion is presently in the process of constructing a new CCI-designed wooden coaster for 2000 that will replace the Corkscrew.

Disneyland Introduces Fastpass For the Holidays

Anaheim, CA -- Disneyland recently unveiled the long awaited FASTPASS ride reservation system on Space Mountain and the It's A Small World holiday attractions. The new system allows guest to receive an assigned time ticket using their park admission ticket and return later at a designated time. The system has been in use at Disney's Florida theme parks since this summer and has been well received by guests. The next Disneyland attraction likely to receive the FASTPASS system is expected to be Splash Mountain.

Holiday World Celebrates the Topping of The Legend

Santa Claus, IN -- Holiday World and Splashin' Safari report that they topped off the lift hill on their new wooden coaster, The Legend on Monday, November 22. The peak of the 110-foot tall lift hill was decorated with the traditional tree, along with an American flag and a Holiday World park flag.

Black Widow Coaster Is History At Riverside Park

Agawam, MA -- Riverside Park construction crews have almost finished the removal of the Black Widow roller coaster. The Arrow Dynamics shuttle loop is being carefully dismantled and hauled away to an unknown location. Sources have begun to speculate if the coaster may be erected in the future at a new location.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Removes the Vampire

Louisville, KY -- After more than nine years of service the Vampire roller coaster at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is no more. Construction crews are currently in the process of removing the Vekoma designed boomerang shuttle coaster. The Vekoma designed boomerang coaster will be relocated to Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusets for 2000.

Universal Studios Hollywood Tests New Ride Pass System

Hollywood, CA -- Universal Studios Hollywood has begun testing a new ride pass system similar to Disney's FASTPASS. The initial testing began on the busy Thanksgiving weekend, with Universal employees' hand writing reservation slips. The new reservation system is designed to allow guests to enjoy other attractions instead of waiting in line. Guests with a reservation may then return at the assigned time and ride without waiting in a long line.

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