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December 4, 2000

Funtown Splashtown USA Announces Turbo Drop for 2001

Saco, ME -- Funtown Splashtown USA finalized plans and has contracted S&S Sports Power of Logan, Utah to built one of the tallest freefall rides in New England. The new ride named "Dragon's Descent" will stand 220 feet tall.

The new Turbo Drop freefall ride will carry 12-passengers at a time up the 220-foot tower, before dropping the riders 200-feet at speeds up to 50 mph.

The ride will provide a panoramic view unseen anywhere from a structure in Maine, according to the park. Going up the tower will be as exciting as the incredible accelerated drop that will deliver incredible negative 'G' forces to thrillseekers.

Foundation construction is scheduled to being immediately, according to Funtown. The tower installation will begin in March and completion is planned for May 1, 2001.

The new structure will become a landmark that can be seen from miles around, according to the park. In addition to the Dragon's Descent, the park will also be adding a "Frog Hopper", a smaller sized version of the Turbo Drop ride for children.