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December 3, 2000

World's Tallest Ferris Wheel May Come To Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV -- The world's greatest Ferris wheel may be coming to Las Vegas in the near future. A group of designers and developers are together planning to built the world's tallest free-standing Ferris wheel on the south end of the Las Vegas strip. The 518-foot ride dubbed Voyager, will offer Las Vegas visitors a first class ride.

The Ferris wheel will be designed with 35 cars each equipped with a bar, restroom and plush seating for 16 passengers. Each car will feature an attendant who will tend bar, answer questions and provide entertainment.

Additional high-tech features for the cars include Internet access and two-way video cameras allowing riders to communicate with friends in other cards or on the ground.

The wheel will spin at about one and half miles per hour and one complete rotation will take about a half hour.

The current record holder is the London Eye, standing 443-feet tall. The London Eye was built in London to celebrate the new millennium. If the new Ferris wheel is built it would claim the world record for a Ferris whell and become the second tallest structure in Las Vegas. The Stratosphere tower, the tallest stands 1,149 feet.

According to the developer the project will cost between $40 and $60 million and final negotiations are underway for the building site.