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Archive of past news articles on theme & amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

December 2000

Six Flags Magic Mountain Breaks Coaster Records
The park shatters virtually every theme park record associated with roller coasters.
| Read More | 12/19/00

Three New Coasters To Debut At Six Flags Magic Mountain
In 2001 the park will turn into an 'Xtreme Park' with more roller coasters than anywhere on the planet.
| Read More | 12/19/00

Montreal Selects Six Flags To Acquire La Ronde
Six Flags has entered into a letter of intenet with the city to acquire the amusement park.
| Read More | 12/18/00

Six Flags Announces Acquisition of Seattle Park
The company announced that it acquired Wild Waves and Enchanted Village parks in Seattle.
| Read More | 12/06/00

Funtown Splashtown USA Announces Turbo Drop for 2001
The park announced plans to construct a Turbo Drop and Frog Hopper thrill rides for the coming season.
| Read More | 12/04/00

World's Tallest Ferris Wheel May Come To Las Vegas
A group of designers and developers are planning to build an impressive Ferris wheel on the Las Vegas strip.
| Read More | 12/03/00

Cedar Fair Finalizes Capital Expenditures For 2001
The company plans to spend $38 million in capital expenditures at its parks for the upcoming season.
| Read More | 12/01/00

Second Coaster Approved For Six Flags Great America
The park plans to construct a 185-foot roller coaster that will become the park's 12th roller coaster.
| Read More | 12/01/00

2-Year-Old Marine World Elephant Dies From Virus
Six Flags Marine World reported that Kala, an Asian elephant died from a sudden viral infection.
| Read More | 12/01/00

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