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August 26, 1999

Knott's to Make Modifications to the GhostRider

Buena Park, CA -- Knott's plans to install metal bracing straps and ribbed nails on the GhostRider roller coaster to reduce the chance of a similar accident in the future.

On Tuesday afternoon Denise Dinn Larrick of Custom Coasters, Inc. (CCI), the designer and builder of the GhostRider, was seen at the park inspecting the ride. According to the Los Angeles Times, Dinn Larrick gave the park the approval to make the modifications.

Park maintenance will begin to install the braces and special nails today on the coaster's wooden track as a preventative measure. It is unknown if the changes will modify the rider experience.

It is expected that Knott's officials will reopen the ride as soon as the modifications are made.

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