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August 23, 1999

Cedar Fair To Add Major Thrill Rides for the 2000 Season

Sandusky, OH -- Cedar Fair, L.P., a publicly traded partnership which owns and operates five amusement parks, has announced plans to build major new thrill rides for the 2000 season at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California and Valleyfair in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Richard L. Kinzel, president and chief executive officer, reported that Knott's Berry Farm will build the world's tallest and steepest water ride for the 2000 season. "The new ride, named Perilous Plunge, will be 121 feet tall and will be the highest, steepest, fastest and wettest waterfall plunge in the world," said Kinzel. Its 24-passenger boats will plunge down a world-record 115-foot drop at a revolutionary 75-degree angle, hitting a speed of 50 mph and generating an amazing 45-foot, 180-degree splash, the largest in the amusement park industry.

"Perilous Plunge will be the third major thrill ride introduced at Knott's Berry Farm in the last two years, and along with Soak City U.S.A., a multi-million dollar water park planned for the 2000 season, will bring a whole new level of excitement to the park," continued Kinzel. "These large investments at Knott's Berry Farm are further proof of our commitment to raise the park to a higher level of success and increase its recognition in the attractive Southern California market."

Kinzel also said that Valleyfair is adding Power Tower, a state-of-the-art thrill ride, for the 2000 season. This impressive 275-foot-tall attraction will offer its riders two gravity-defying rides in one on its massive three-tower structure. One tower will blast riders up to the top of the ride using compressed air and let them free-fall back to the ground, while the other two towers will take riders slowly to the top and then thrust them suddenly downward. Both ride experiences will take passengers to speeds approaching 50 mph.

In addition, the Partnership has previously announced plans to build the 310-foot-tall Millennium Force, the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster, at Cedar Point for the 2000 season. A 350-room, limited-service motel, called Breakers Express, is also under construction for next season at Cedar Point.

"These improvements underline our philosophy of continuous reinvestment in new attractions and guest facilities, and reinforce our dedication to offering the best in family entertainment and world-class thrill rides," said Kinzel. "To date we have announced approximately $90 million in capital expenditures for the upcoming season at three of our five parks."

Kinzel concluded by explaining that additional capital expenditure plans for the 2000 season at the Partnership's other two parks are in the process of being finalized and will be announced at a later date.

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