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August 13, 1999

Premier Parks Closes All Whitewater River Rides

Oklahoma City, OK -- Premier Park officials ordered the closure of all whitewater river rides, at all of company's theme parks, in response to the accident at Riverside Park.

The accident last Saturday on the Blizzard River, a white water rafting ride was the second one this year on this type of attraction, at a Premier owned theme park.

In March a woman was killed and ten were injured when a raft on the Roaring Rapids ride, a similar attraction at Six Flags Over Texas flipped.

According to Premier the closure of these rides is merely a precaution, until investigation at Riverside is complete.

Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles, the man-made river on the Roaring Rapids attraction at Six Flags Magic Mountain was dry. Park employees declined to give any reasons for the closure, saying that attraction would be closed for an indefinite period.

An industry source acknowledged Thursday that the closure is not an indication that there is anything wrong with the design of these rides. These sorts of attractions have been around for more than nearly 20 years without too many serious mishaps.

As of Thursday afternoon, Riverside Park officials had still not releasing any details about what may have caused the accident last Saturday.

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