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August 9, 1999

La Ronde Park Closed Due To Labor Dispute

Montreal, Quebec -- La Ronde Amusement Park in Montreal, has been forced to close after the labor union won an injunction forbidding the use of temporary workers at the park during the dispute.

The injunction granted by Superior Court Justice William Fraiberg Friday night forbids the park's management from using strikebreakers. The court decided that it is unsafe to operate the park without the replacement workers, therefore the park must close.

The ruling stated that the park can no longer hire temporary workers, use park security guards to operate attractions or bring in other types of workers to work in the park during the dispute.

Judge Fraiberg also ruled against the park's actions of hiring strikebreakers saying it was a violation of provincial labor law.

"We have no choice but to close the park," said a La Ronde spokesman. "We hope the union will accept our latest contract offer so we can resume operations."

The striking workers have been locked out of the park since July 28. The union representing the employees has expressed frustrated with the park management, claiming that they have been unwilling to settle the dispute.

Union members originally asked for wages between $9 and $14 per hour, but later reduced their demands to $8.29 to $10.50. Members currently earn between $8.13 and $9.56 per hour.