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August 1999


August 10, 1999

Flashback Is Moving and Construction Continues at SFMM
Valencia, CA -- Construction on the new steel roller coaster, which may be named 'Goliath', continues at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

According to recent reports most of the concrete supports for the coaster have been poured and a crane is now moving the teal supports into the area where they are to be installed in the next couple of weeks.

The new coaster is rumored to be the tallest and fastest steel coaster in the western United States.

Last week, a source reported that Flashback would be moved this fall to a new location next to Psyclone. The relocation of Flashback is necessary so the park can expand the Hurricane Harbor Water Park for 2000.

The change of location will also allow the park to return Flashback to normal operation. The roller coaster has been recently closed during Hurricane Harbor operating hours, due to noise complaints from the park's lifeguards.

Word is also spreading that Magic Mountain may also be the home to at least 4 new flat rides for the year 2000. Employees are already speculating that one of the new flat rides is likely to be a Huss Frisbee, which has been a popular new attraction at other Six Flags parks.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor California To Expand
Valencia, CA -- Sources are reporting that Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags California will be expanding next season with several new water slides and a new pay-per-use attraction.

According to the report there will be three new water slides installed at the park for next season. One of which will be a 'Royal Flush' water attraction similar to the one located at Splashtown in Houston.

In addition to the new slides, the park may also install a Flow Rider, which is a stationary wave simulator that will allow guests to surf for an additional charge.

Playland Park Building New Roller Coaster
Rye, NY -- A local New York paper reported that Playland Park is building a new roller coaster that will open in the next couple of weeks. The new looping steel roller coaster is designed and built by Pinfari.

Land Clearing Underway at Six Flags Great America
Gurnee, IL -- A source reports that land clearing is currently underway behind the Loggers Run and Roaring Rapids attractions at Six Flags Great America.

According to this source there is also a crane at the site and this is said to be the location for a new Premier Rides launched mutli-element roller coaster. It is likely that it may be a clone of the 'Mad Cobra.'

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