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August 31, 2001

2nd Extreme Ride to Debut at Six Flags Over Georgia

Atlanta, GA -- Saturday, September 1st Six Flags unveils it's ninth record setting roller coaster "Deja Vu" the world's tallest, fastest suspended looping boomerang roller coaster. Deja Vu is the "second" of an unprecedented two new colossal-size thrill rides opening this season at Six Flags Over Georgia — a stunning capital expansion at 200 feet tall, transforming the skyline of Atlanta!

Paul Ruben, a roller coaster writer, lecturer, historian, and aficionado who has ridden more than 8,000 miles of coaster track on 587 different roller coasters over the last 60 years, said the new Deja Vu coaster sets a higher standard for coaster lovers and anyone who seeks extreme rides.

"With their largest investment in the park's 34-year history, Six Flags Over Georgia has dramatically raised the bar for thrill-ride fans in the Southeast," said Ruben, who is also editor of British-based Park World magazine, a leading trade publication for the international amusement industry. "Deja Vu is one of the newest and best examples worldwide of pushing the envelope in roller coaster design. This ride will enhance Six Flags Over Georgia as a major destination for roller coaster fans everywhere."

According to John Odum, vice president and general manger of Six Flags Over Georgia, "This is truly a Breakthrough Year for Six Flags Over Georgia, we've delivered on every thrill seekers dream with two celebrated new thrill rides this season and staking our claim as the thrill capital of the southeast."

Think you've experienced it before, think again. Strapped into sleek ski-lift style chairs suspended from the track above, Deja Vu sends riders dangling face-down out of the station and up the first striking blue then...simply...drop into a complete vertical 20-story free-fall reaching speeds of 65 miles-per-hour before racing head-over-heels on the outside of a 102 foot-tall vertical loop followed by an enormous 110-foot-tall butterfly turn...before rocketing up the second 200-foot-tall tower...only this time riders are on their back with nothing but the sky above. The heart-pounding rush accelerates as the entire thrill is experienced again...only this time backwards! It's Deja Vu!

Sam Ulrich, teen American Coaster Enthusiast and author of "The Roller Coaster Kid Rides and Rates" featured in the July, 2001 edition of National Geographic World magazine states, "This ride combines the double-strike of the Viper, the drop of Acrophobia and the intensity of Batman the Ride. I have been looking forward to getting on it all year!"

"When our guests think of thrills, they think of Six Flags Over Georgia...hands down. Following the towering success of Acrophobia we're delivering not only another record breaking ride but a record breaking year that's sure to bring thrill seekers to their knees!" added John Odum. "Deja Vu is mega-coaster excitement at it's best."

Designed and engineered exclusively for Six Flags by Vekoma of Vlodrop, Netherlands, Deja Vu marks the theme park's 9th roller coaster addition to its world-class collection.

Since the park's inception in 1967, Six Flags Over Georgia has provided millions of roller coaster rides. The park ushered in the next generation of thrill rides already this season with the launch of Acrophobia, a 200-foot rotating tower drop ride where riders stand feet dangling, and then plummet 161 feet at speeds up to 62 mph. What makes Acrophobia even more hair raising is the 15-degree tilt rider's experience just before the 161-foot drop.