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August 20, 2001

Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces Opening of Deja Vu

Six Flags Magic MountainValencia, CA -- Six Flags, Inc. announces the unveiling of yet another prototype, record setting thrill ride in Los Angeles — Deja Vu — the world's tallest, fastest suspended looping boomerang roller coaster is scheduled to open Saturday, August 25, 2001. Deja Vu is the "second" of an unprecedented three new Xtreme roller coasters scheduled to open this year at Six Flags Magic Mountain -- a stunning capital expansion transforming the Los Angeles-based theme park into the world's first-and-only Xtreme Park with more coasters than anywhere on the Planet!

Deja Vu"Six Flags is known world-wide as the industry leader in quality thrill ride innovation, and bar none, Six Flags Magic Mountain leads the pack always adding the biggest and the best," noted Gary Story, president of Six Flags, Inc. "There's no better way to commemorate Six Flags' 40th anniversary then to put the 'icing on the cake' in Los Angeles — the Park that truly exemplifies the powerful Six Flags brand."

"This year marks a very important milestone for Six Flags Magic Mountain, capturing the 'coveted crown' and staking our claim as the number one Thrill Park in the world," stated Del Holland, vice president and general manger of Six Flags California. "With Southern California's rapidly changing theme park climate, it's the perfect opportunity to redefine the park — requiring not one, not two, but three new coasters this year — news that's not only stunning our market but echoing across the country."

Deja Vu Artwork 1Known world-wide as a thrill ride haven, the addition of three roller coasters puts Six Flags Magic Mountain in a league of it's own...transforming the noted Thrill Park from "theme park" to "The Xtreme Park!" With an unmatched world-class coaster collection soon to total 15, the new Xtreme Park will set a Guinness Book World record for more coasters than anywhere else on the Planet.

"Three coasters in one year is simply unprecedented in this competitive business. And Six Flags Magic Mountain will do it with such style...Deja Vu alone is yet another one for the record books," said Paul Ruben, North American Editor of Park World Magazine and noted roller coaster historian. "Deja Vu is the perfect complement to the park's record breaking coaster's pure fast and furious coaster excitement -- only this time you get to do it forwards and backwards!"

Deja Vu Artwork 1Think you've experienced it before, think again. Strapped into sleek ski-lift style chairs suspended from the track above, Deja Vu sends riders dangling face-down out of the station and up the first striking blue then...simply...drop into a complete vertical 20-story free-fall reaching speeds of 65 miles-per-hour before racing head-over-heels on the outside of a 102 foot-tall vertical loop followed by an enormous 110-foot-tall butterfly turn...before rocketing up the second 200-foot-tall tower — only this time riders are on their back with nothing but the sky above. The heart-pounding rush accelerates as the entire thrill is experienced again...only this time backwards! It's Deja Vu!

"When our guests think of thrills, they think of Six Flags Magic Mountain — hands down. Following the giant success of Goliath, we're delivering not only another record breaking ride but a record breaking year that's sure to bring Southern California thrill seekers to their knees!" added Del Holland. "Deja Vu is Xtreme coaster excitement at it's best."

Designed and engineered exclusively for Six Flags by Vekoma of Vlodrop, Netherlands, Deja Vu marks the theme park's 14th roller coaster addition to its world-class collection.

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